Vaginoplasty / Vaginal Tightening / Vaginal Rejuvenation

The vagina can lose its firmness and tone with aging or multiple vagina deliveries (childbirth). This increase in the size of the vagina could be a concern for you or your partner. The vagina can be tightened surgically restoring youthfulness. This procedure can be done as a day procedure with low down time.

Aging and multiple vagina birth may also result to weakening of the pelvic floor. If the pelvic floor is weak, there may be some bulges into the vagina called Vesicocele and/or Rectocele. These bulges result from the sagging of the anterior and posterior vagina walls respectively, pushing in the urinary bladder and rectum. If present, vesicoele and rectocele will need to be repaired at the time of vaginal tightening. Vaginal tightening is an extremely rewarding procedure resulting in improved sexual satisfaction for most people.