Thigh Lift

A youthful thigh is usually firm and smooth. The skin of the thigh can become loose and sag causing the thigh to lose its firm, youthful appearance. Aging and massive weight loss are some of the conditions that make the skin of the thigh lose its firmness causing it to sag. Thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin and recontours the thigh to achieve a firm, youthful thigh.

Some body types preferentially deposit fat in the thigh resulting in a disproportionately big thigh. In this sort of context, body proportion can be aligned through circumferential thigh liposuction. In some persons, to achieve good result, circumferential thigh liposuction is combined with skin excision.

Generally, thigh lift is a very rewarding procedure resulting in a firm, youthful thigh. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. Recovery is generally uneventful, and time off work is limited. Please contact us if you have further queries or want more information.