Silhouette Soft face lift

Silhouette soft is a special suture consisting of cones on a thread. It is made of the same material as dissolvable surgical suture. Therefore, it is completely biocompatible(safe) and dissolves over a period of three months.

Silhouette soft is used to perform face lift without formal surgery. It is ideal for achieving face lift for a face with mild to moderate sagging and wrinkling. Its an out-patient procedure that takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After the procedure, you will be required not to lie on your face for the next seventy-two (72) hours to ensure symmetrical and best result.

Silhouette soft achieve facial renewal in a dual way; first the cones on the thread lifts the face and holds it in position. This result is instant, howbeit discrete. It has a secondary facial regenerating effect by stimulating new collagen production, thus restoring shapeliness to the face. The result of facelift achieved by this facial suture, usually lasts about two years.

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