Face Lift

The face ages with the passing of years, with the triangular profile of a young face giving way to a rectangular or square profile, as facial skin droops and sags. Furthermore, wrinkling increases with age and the nasolabial fold (laugh line) becomes more prominent.

The face gives us identity and is the body part that most determines how youthful we look or are perceived by others. Therefore, the desire for facial renewal and rejuvenation is understandable and rightfully placed. Several approaches and products are available to us for reversing facial aging and achieving facial renewal, such as facial fillers, bi-directional facial thread, Botox, fat transfer and surgical face lift.

With mild to moderate facial skin sagging, non-surgical face lift, using Silhouette soft suture, will achieve adequate face lift, especially in a slim physique. Severe facial skin aging or sagging requires surgical face lift.

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